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Center Ice Spotlight: Spencer Watson | Columbus, Ohio

I am from Columbus, Ohio, and I currently go to school at Culver Academies in Culver, IN. I have been playing the game for 15 years now, and have just recently gotten involved in working with diversity in the game of hockey. I love to mix and make music! I'm a huge music fan and enjoy making mixes with my friends. Follow Qx6 Music on SoundCloud and Instagram for more!

I just recently began to see the true benefit of growing the diversity in the game of hockey, and I felt as if I could use my platform to benefit thousands across the country, and inspire those people to pick up a hockey stick or make a change in the community. I am looking forward to helping grow the game for a great cause, and to continue to help grow the game that I love in the future

I would like to have dinner with Nathan Mackinnon. He is my favorite player and I aspire to play and be just like him, and I feel as if I could learn a lot from him.

As my father once said, you have to earn your seat at the table. What that means is to earn what you want or to be considered in the same group as who you want to, you have to earn it, and work hard for it. That is a statement that I value a lot, and I feel like that applies to this as well. I worked hard for my seat and opportunity here, and I am very proud of that.

My dream for Men's Hockey, besides advancing my own game to the next level, would be to see a more diverse atmosphere in the game of hockey and have not just multiple players of Color in the NHL, but multiple players of color per team.

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