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Mentor Program

Our mentorship program is structured and is personalized to fit a one-on-one relationship that works with your needs and availability  This program is organized to to connect with you and  help you excel on and off the ice as well as in and out the classroom. Even if you decide not to continue your hockey career down the line we are here to help in however way we can.  Helping others is a passion that fuels the movement and we are looking to help. The mentor program will help you learn the necessary tools, to not only help yourself, but to teach you how to work towards and achieve your goals as well.

Ice Hockey Team


1 v 1 Mentoring

Next Level Service
You will be paired with a mentor that works for your personally needs and wants.


Satisfaction Guaranteed
We set up a personal program for you and what you require on and off the ice.

Scheduled Calls & or Video Chats

Here For You
We will set up time that will work for you and your mentors schedule.

Mentor Access 

Unlimited Communication Access
You will have unlimited access with mentor through via email, text or phone call.

Mentor Program form

Your are welcome to request a specific mentor. If you are still unsure or have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to ask!

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With your donation, you will be helping children that are currently playing and future hockey players that will get the chance to play this amazing sport. BIPOC players will have a chance to play the game without the worry if they can afford to play this season, go to a clinic or buy new gear. 

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