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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I am ten years old but I was born and I’m from Brooklyn, NY into an Egyptian, Muslim, Arab-American family. I spend time in Minnesota a lot too because my grandparents immigrated there a long time ago. I play hockey, I play soccer, and I play the drums. I started skating at 10 months, I played hockey at 3 years, and I was on a team when I was 4. I like playing defense because we protect the puck. Because of COVID my family moved from Brooklyn where I played T1 AAA for the NY Aviators to the same level at the Philadelphia Revolution. I was born with this identity and I love hockey but there’s not a lot of kids from my background that play this sport so I want everyone to know if you love something enough you can make it happen even though I’m just a kid. One of the things I look forward to becoming an HPOC Ambassador is meeting other people like me and letting the community know ice hockey is for everyone! I like traveling to see new places and meet new people. I really love playing the drums also. Our family speaks Arabic too. Oh and my nicknames are Bear and the Ice Pharaoh. If I could sit down and have dinner with any hockey player it would be Nazem Kadri because he’s just like me and my favorite hockey player in the NHL. My mother is my living advice because she’s always there. I’ll also never forget a piece of hockey advice from my favorite player. Nazem Kadri sent me a signed autograph and he wrote “remember it starts with a dream.” My goal is to make hockey cheaper so kids who can’t afford it can play and kids who wouldn’t normally play it can at least try it.

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