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School's Out Tournament

June 2nd - 4th, 2023

Pittsburgh, PA

U8, u10, u12, u14 & u16

The level of play will be determined by the average skill level of players. 

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ST. James Tournament 
June 16-18 2023

Hosted at: St. James in Springfield VA

U8, u10, u12, u14 & u16

The level of play will be determined by the average skill level of players. 





DATE: August 23-27, 2023

Amerigol Hockey is an association that gives the opportunities to countries that have a love for the game of hockey. An opportunity for every minority to experience! 

U12, U14, U16, U20 & Women's

This opportunity will be based off selection of skill set. 


We are looking for volunteer coaches to join us in Florida!

Tournament Team Experience


I wanted to send a note of THANKS to your 10U coaches that we at the Hershey Park Tournament in early August.  My Son Christian Bedingfield # 94 - Bowie Hockey Club played against HPOC, and it was a great game.  It was a tough loss, and your coach took time out to speak to my son after the game and showed him compassion and support.   Thank you for encouraging the new generation of hockey players and we really like HPOC movement message. 


Hi Jazmine,

Just wanted to say thank you again for pulling the HPOC Movement together and entering the kids into the Hershey shootout.  My boys (Cameron U12 and Sean U14) had such a great time and made many new friends that share the love of hockey.  Cameron had a sleepover this weekend with one of the kids he met at the tournament and we have been in touch with C. Bland as he is trying to pull together a U14 team for an upcoming tournament in NJ.  

Your note about why you started this really resonated with me as I have been playing hockey for close to 40 years and only once have I not been the only one that looks like me on a team (there were actually 3 of us on the team for a season).  For the kids to experience this at such a young age and meet so many other kids that play is invaluable.  We are already looking forward to participating in a tournament with HPOC next season.  

If there is anything I can do to help further your vision, please let me know.  Again thanks for pulling this all together.

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