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Center Ice Spotlight: Phoenix Herron | Kansas City, Missouri

My name is Phoenix "Pop" Herron. I am 7 years old from the Midwest. Hockey is passion and I tried other sports, but hockey is what made me truly happy. I saw Mighty ducks and my parents knew I need to play a team sport, because I am the only child, so I requested to try it out! I went to try Hockey for Free and the rest is history.

I want to become an HPOC Brand Ambassador because my parents thought this was a great opportunity for me to connect with other black players around the world, so we could be support for each other. I am looking forward to being a HPOC Ambassador to bring awareness to other communities of color to play hockey.

Some secrets people do not know about me is my smartness, my greatness. My kindness and I am a great DJ and boxer!

If could sit with any player(s) it would be P.K. Subban or Ryan Reeves and Willie Oree. The best advice I’ve ever been given in hockey or in life is to lift their stick up to get the puck. Its great for defense. My hockey dream for mens hockey is to be drafted into the NHL and be in the hall of fall.

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