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Center Ice Spotlight: Desmond Garret | Indianapolis

My name is Desmond and I'm from Indianapolis. I went to an Indy Fuel (ECHL) game before I turned two - they had a post-game skate with the players and I wanted to try skating. My parents bought me skates and took me to a public skate. After about 5 minutes, I stopped pushing the bucket and started skating on own. And, after two hours, I was crying because it was over and I didn't want to leave. Since that day, I try and skate (ice or inline) as often as I can. I've had the opportunity to train with Pavel Barber, be in a video with BHL star Kane Van Gate (with more than one million views) and play in 6U and 8U leagues. I even played in State Wars, the largest inline hockey tournament in the world, this summer.

I love all my followers on Twitter and Instagram at @3yearoldskater.

The HPOC Movement is a good thing. I hope by being an ambassador, I can encourage more people to follow on social media and change the game for the better.

I like showing my skills to encourage others like me to play hockey. We need more black hockey players.

I  really like music. It's my favorite class in school.

I would have dinner with Clayton Keller from the Arizona Coyotes because he's cool.

Pavel Barber taught me the mohawk turn. He said if you keep doing it, you will make the other players dizzy.

My dream is to be a part of the NHL.

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