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Updated: Jul 7, 2020


My name is Ryann and I am from New York City. I grew up playing for the Lady Hawks in Central Park and then transition to playing for the New York City cyclones at Chelsea Piers. I was the only girl on my team but the boys and I had an absolutely great time. Then I knew if I wanted to continue playing hockey at the next level I would have to leave the city which led me to boarding school. I currently attend the Hill school in Pottstown Pennsylvania where I have played for them three years. I played there my freshman sophomore and senior year. My junior year I attended the North American hockey Academy. I ended up committing to Weslyan university where I intend to continue both my academic and athletic career. 

I want to be a brand ambassador because I recognize the fact that I am a minority in the sport I play and insecurities it has led me to feel at times so I want to alleviate that for the younger generations.

What I’m most looking forward to as a HPOC ambassador is inspiring younger people of color to see that they can follow their dreams and play college hockey. I’m also looking forward to creating more visibility in a space where there is little. 

Something a lot of people think it’s weird about me is that I absolutely love Hawaiian pizza, the more pineapple the better. 

If I could sit down with one female hockey player it would probably be Maddie Rooney because of her drive to constantly get better. Going into the Olympics Maddie was not to be the starting goalie however she really gave it her all and was able to play in the final game against Canada where USA won.

I think the most important lesson Hockey has taught me is to embrace the struggle because even though it can be really hard sometimes when you come out of it you’re so much stronger and better. Hockey had also taught me that more so than being the best player it is important to be a good teammate because often times the best players are great teammates.

My dream for women’s hockey is for it to develop into a place where women can play and be paid enough to not have to work a second job.

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