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HPOC Movements Beginning

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The purpose of the HPOC Movement is to address the lack of diversity in hockey. When you think of hockey your initial thoughts are generally of white men fighting and scoring goals, even with the strides of women and girls hockey growing every day. “During my travel hockey career I’ve had the privilege of having two black teammates and one opponent. I am currently 25 years old and I know a total of SIX female hockey players that are MY age, ranging between 22-27. I know approximately eight male hockey players also ranging from 22-27. I'm here along with my mentor community to remove the lack of diversity and the stigma attached to hockey players.” -Jaz HPOC Movement’s goal is to make hockey more accessible. To be able to grow the game is a goal we aspire to one day at a time. We want kids to have role models in the NHL and NWHL that look just like them.

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