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Center Ice Spotlight: Lane Sky | Burlington Vermont

My name is Lane Sky and I am from Burlington, Vermont and I am 19 years old. I have been playing hockey for 15 years. I started skating around the age of 3 in Middlebury, Vermont. I then began playing for the youth teams in Middlebury. My first year of full ice hockey I played for a u12 team and won a state title. After that year I moved to Burlington and continued to play for u12 and u14 teams. While playing for these teams I won two more state titles. Then headed into high school to play for my high school team. I played four amazing years with some of the most amazing girls. During high school I also played for a travel team the Vermont Shamrocks. While playing for the Vermont Shamrocks I won the 2019 division 2 regional and national championship. I now play club hockey at Towson University in Maryland.

I came across HPOC Movements Instagram page one day and just spent hours scrolling through reading different posts and the comments. The support and community on the page made me want to be involved because I never had that sort of back or community growing up and playing. I wanted to be a part of a community so I can show and give people the support that I wanted when I started. I also want to possibly start a foundation like this when I graduate college. I look forward to meeting so many players while sharing and learning about their stories. But also pushing to show the world that people of color love the game and have so much potential. I also look forward to working with ambassadors who share the same love and passion for both the game and showing support to those who may not see it everyday when they walk into their rink. One thing not a lot of people know about me is that I am really into dancing but I am not that good and won't do it around people unless it is the Just dance game then anyone can see me rocking some pretty cool moves.

If I could sit down and have a meal with one hockey player it would be USA Olympian Amanda Pelkey. I would love to talk to her because we are from the same state, and I would want to ask her how it feels being from such a small state that people forget about but making a big splash in the world. I would also just love to talk to her about training and growing up as a girl in Vermont playing hockey, and how hard it was having very few girls that do play. I also wouldn't mind having dinner with Sidney Crosby just cause he is on my favorite team, and is my favorite player in the league.

The best advice I have ever been given is in hockey would be to play for your team, your sisters, your organization, and yourself. I grew up playing with the same girls from age 10 to 18 on four different teams. Every coach we ever had would tell us to look around and to play for our team because they were our family, our sisters and everything we did on the ice during practice and game was for each other . I carry that with me to every team I play on now and any team I will play, and it is a lesson I hope to pass on to a team one day as a coach. There is no stronger team than one who plays with heart for each other and the logo on the jersey and most importantly from themselves.

My dream for women's hockey is that we can grow the numbers. So when you walk into a rink you and see 20 skaters there is a 10 boys and 10 girls. I also dream that we can push forth adding teams to the WNHL and give them a time to shine in the National light and recognized by a whole hockey loving world for the talent and hard work they put in everyday.

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