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Center Ice Spotlight: Karly Aguirre | Waltham, Massachusetts

My name is Karly Aguirre and I'm from Waltham MA. I am currently a sophomore in college attending Stevenson University. I am majoring in Marketing. I started skating at the age of 2. I started playing for Waltham youth hockey with all the boys. I soon joined a select program, Assabet Valley girls hockey. I played for both teams. I soon switched to just girls hockey. I still played for Assabet Valley and Waltham Girls hockey program. When I was in 8th grade I began to play for the Waltham high school team, which i was on for 3 years. I had always known that I wanted to play hockey in college, so i decided to transfer to a prep school, which gave me better academic and athletic chances. I decided to repeat my sophomore year and played my remaining high school hockey at Dexter Southfield school. I also continued to play for Assabet Valley girls hockey program, I played 14 years with them. I now am playing for Stevenson University. 

Growing up I was one of just a few people that was of color and sometimes I felt out of place. When this opportunity came about, I want to be an example for younger kids like me. I want to be able to help young kids like me that want to pursue hockey, that it is possible.

I enjoy watching movies with my family. I also like to go for hikes when I can. 

The best advice I have been given is the keep going and never give up.  My dream for women's ice hockey is to grow and become something that people do not look at as insignificant. To have the same buzz around women's ice hockey as men's hockey. 

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