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Center Ice Spotlight: Ebony Wyse | Lewis Center, Ohio

I’m from Lewis Center Ohio, and I am a Sophomore in High school. Most of my time is taken up by sports since I'm a three sport athlete, Field hockey, Ice hockey, and lacrosse. I started as a figure skater then switched to hockey a year after my twin sister and fell in love with the sport. I was fortunate enough that in the first years I was not the only girl and person of color on the team. Before I reached High School I played for the Cleveland Lady Barons to see if I wanted to play girls or stay with the boys. My goal was to play on my high school team so I stayed with the boys. I achieved that goal last year and even though it was difficult at times I made the team and plan to play with them for the next two years. The last eight years i’ve played defence and recently switched to left wing.

I would like to become a HPOC brand ambassador because I want kids to be able to see someone who looks like them playing a sport that is deemed as a “white sport” and know that they can play too. I also want to help make hockey more diverse.

I am most looking forward to being able to share my stories and hopefully making a difference in someone's life or inspire someone to start playing.

Something that people do know is that I am dyslexic which is a learning disability and I love to read.

I would want to have dinner with Saroya Tinker because I was able to meet her virtually which was awesome and she gave good advice. So being able to have a conversation face to face would be nice.

The best advice I have been given is that “ you're a lot better than you think” and “ To keep your head up and don't back down to anyone cause God’s got you”.

My dream for women’s hockey is for them to get the same treatment as men’s hockey and be able to live just off the income they receive from the sport.

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