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Center Ice Spotlight: Ayodele Adeniye | Columbus Ohio

My name is Ayodele Adeniye, I am from Columbus Ohio, I play for the University Alabama Huntsvilles D1 hockey program. My hockey story is a fun story of adversity, i’ve played travel hockey in seven different cities in six different states in two different countries. It’s been a fun but stressful journey to chase my first game of playing NCAA Division I hockey, but that’s not where I want my story to end I have aspirations of playing in the NHL.

I would love to be in HPOC ambassador because my overall goal in life is to grow the game of hockey to give kids the opportunity that I was given to travel the world play a game they love and go to school for free. I am looking forward to having a platform to speak out about injustice and hockey and spread the game of hockey to POC‘s and minorities not only in the country but worldwide.

I’m a pretty open book and am not too unique other than I have had 7 eye surgeries but will not let that stop me from chasing my dreams 

Slight brag...I have already sat down and had dinner with Willie O’ree 🤪 so I would probably choose Seth Jones, we have the same archetype and play the same position so I would like to pick his brain to gain knowledge that I can apply to games. Don’t take no for an answer, be hard to play against, and work as hard as you can all the time. My men’s hockey dream is not only to play in the NHL, but to work in the NHL after my career is over to work in community outreach both in inner city communities but also in Africa (I am Nigerian) so everyone at least has the experience to play the game so we can expand the game of hockey

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