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Center Ice Spotlight: Alero Eribo | Nigeria, Africa

My name is Alero Eribo, I am 16 years old and I am from Nigeria.

I am the founder of the HockeyGirlz organization. It is an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting women’s hockey and providing free resources and opportunities for girls in hockey. HockeyGirlz is now joining the Hockey 4 Youth Foundation to increase access to more newcomer and high priority girls across Canada.

My hockey story is pretty unique. I got into hockey after stumbling on a hockey clip online while researching on an assignment. I started skating at the end of 2019 and have now moved to learn hockey and I’ve been trying to improve my skills ever since.

I want to be a HPOC movement brand ambassador because I think it is an initiative that is much needed, as it amplifies the voices of players of colour. I would love to be an ambassador for an organization that is making this change. Now that Hockey Girlz is joining Hockey 4 Youth Foundation, we are in a position to continue with the HPOC Movement.

I am most looking forward to joining the HPOC movement on their journey to make hockey more accessible for players of colour and to inspire them to play. Hockey Girlz and Hockey 4 Youth Foundation are going to expand their girls only program model across Canada and I am looking forward to bringing the HPOC Ambassador message to all of them.

What’s something not a lot of people know about you? (secret talents, hobbies, funny quirks)

A quirk that not a lot of people know that I’m really into news and history. I’m always on CNN , which people around me sometimes find a bit bizarre.

If I could sit with a player, I would sit with Willie O’Ree . I’d ask him how on earth he did it. He has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations to get where he is. He has achieved a whole lot in his lifetime and I would ask him for any advice that would help me do the same.

The best advice thats been give would be "You can’t control other peoples’ actions but you can control your reaction to them".

My dream for women’s hockey is a United league where girls can play the game that they love and receive a salary equivalent to that of their male counterparts. I promise to do what I can to make this happen and contribute to make this dream come true.

In my journey to be a part of this change, we at the HockeyGirlz organization would need more people to support our cause and they can help Hockey Girlz grow by making a donation to the Hockey 4 Youth Foundation!

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